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2017 IMpaca Events

Posted 1/26/2017
From Linda Kenison - President
Our January plans for a presentation from Alpaca Gold (poop sales) has fallen thru, the man who was coming has had some major direction changes in the company due to a death close to the company. 
Our plans for April are good.  Dr Toni Cotton DVM will be here April 1 to do a neonatal presentation…  everyone having crias should plan on attending this…  I have attended her class 3 times now and have learned something new each time.  You may have never yet had a birth go wrong, but you will, and the knowledge you get at this seminar will be the key to saving your girl and her cria. 
Please plan to attend.  Class will be limited to 24.  We will need some dead crias for this class… so if you have the misfortune of having a premature cria, a stillbirth or a cria who passes within its first 2 weeks, please call me so we can get it preserved for the class.  sounds grizzly I know, but it is soooo educational, you will understand when you see the class.
We also need a volunteer host for this class.. please let me know if you want to be our host.
There will be a cost to this class, but until we have attendance numbers I’m not sure what that cost will be, plan aprox $100.
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